Are You Still Searching the Internet Like it is 2002? Meet

A lot has changed over the last decade.  Everything is connected over the internet.  It seems that everybody has a profile, a website, or both.  People are snapping pictures and writing reviews in real time, all while watching videos and sending out tweets.  Searches are being performed all day, every day, from the palms of people’s hands.

So why are you still searching the internet the old fashioned way?

Scour is an exciting search engine that builds on tried and tested methods of categorizing web content.  What makes it different is that it leverages the power of a new tool – your experience.

Scour goes beyond simply crawling through sites and metadata – it surpasses Penguin in its ability to respond to changes and trends.  Scour brings together cutting edge algorithms and combines them with a social platform to provide relevant results for searches.

What Does Do? is a complex and responsive system that generates search results based on content, as well as the user experience.  Like other search engines, the user simply types in the search phrase and delivers results.  Unlike the other search engine, Scour allows (and asks for) user participation in the form of voting results up or down. takes it a step further.  With every search result, there is also an option for users to give feedback.  The search engine reads and understands this feedback and takes it into account the next time a search is performed.  By combining traditional algorithms with votes and user feedback, returns intuitive results to its users. is an Intelligent Search Engine

Large and well known search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google depend almost entirely on algorithms. They do not solicit feedback from the users on the quality of the results.  They only adjust their systems and results when developers create new algorithms.

Scour, by contrast, is constantly adjusting its results.  With feedback and fresh rankings coming in every second, the search engine adjusts its results almost immediately. Every vote up or down improves results.

What Does it All Mean? has been around since 2007, bringing people and results together.  It is a tried and tested search engine combines good old fashioned algorithms with social media, which means that you can actually find what you are looking for.  We connected like never before, start helping your fellow human find what he or she is looking for by using today.

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